Faculty Publication: Late Neanderthal short-term and specialized occupations

Bruce Hardy, Kenyon College Professor of Anthropology, along with several co-authors, has published the article “Late Neanderthal short-term and specialized occupations at the Abri du Maras (South-East France, level 4.1, MIS 3)” in Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences Issue 13(3) released February 2021.  The entire article is available for viewing online. Abstract Level 4.1 from theContinue reading “Faculty Publication: Late Neanderthal short-term and specialized occupations”

Faculty Publication: The Vanishing Point of World Literature

Travis Landry, Associate Professor of Spanish, has published the article “The Vanishing Point of World Literature” in the Journal of World Literature. The online version appeared on February 9, 2021 and the print issue is forthcoming.  Abstract In the field of world literature, questions about the temporal versus spatial nature of worlding persist. One reasonContinue reading “Faculty Publication: The Vanishing Point of World Literature”

Faculty Publication: Remarks on The Virtue of Nationalism

Fred Baumann, Kenyon College Professor of Political Science, has published an article in the January – March 2021 volume 50 no. 1 issue of Perspectives on Political Science remarking Yorham Hazony’s book, The Virtue of Nationalism. Abstract Summary This article restates Hazony’s distinction between nation and empire and the characteristics used to typify them inContinue reading “Faculty Publication: Remarks on The Virtue of Nationalism”

Publication: Al-Kashi’s Miftah al-Hisab

Kenyon College Professor of Maths, Noah Aydin, recently published the very first complete English translation of Jamshīd al-Kāshī’s historic book, Al-Kashi’s Miftah al-Hisab, Volume II: Geometry (2020), with co-authors Lakhdar Hammoudi and Ghada Bakbouk. About the Book (Description from Publisher Birkhäuser Science) Jamshīd al-Kāshī’s Miftāḥ al-Ḥisab (Key to Arithmetic) was largely unknown to researchers untilContinue reading “Publication: Al-Kashi’s Miftah al-Hisab”

Publication: World System satellites

Shaun Golding, Kenyon College Assistant Professor of Sociology, published an article, “World System satellites: Place-making and inequality during the 1990s rural migration rebound” in the Journal of Rural Studies October 2020 issue. The findings in this article offer insights for making sense of how inequality impacts rural America amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Abstract ThisContinue reading “Publication: World System satellites”

Publication: Pride: A meta-analytic project

Leah Dickens, Kenyon Assistant Professor of Psychology, co-published with Richard W. Robbins (UC Davis), an article titled “Pride: A meta-analytic project”. It can be found in the November 2020 issue of Emotion. Abstract Pride is a complex construct, at times conceptualized positively (as a positive emotional reaction to a personal success) and at other timesContinue reading “Publication: Pride: A meta-analytic project”

Publication: To Disappear and To Find

English Department Professor, Ira Sukrungruang, has published his essay “To Disappear & To Find” in Issue 66 of Brevity Magazine.  The essay is from a time before the pandemic, while driving 5 days a week, 2 hours a day to Kenyon College with his son. “The flat of Ohio spreads in subtle swales before us,Continue reading “Publication: To Disappear and To Find”

Publication: The Main Drivers of Methane Emissions

Kenyon Biology Professor, Siobhan Fennessy, has published an article in Plant and Soil’s January 2021 issue titled, “The main drivers of methane emissions differ in the growing and flooded fallow seasons in Mediterranean rice fields.” The entire article is available to read online. Abstract Purpose To assess 1) the cumulative greenhouse gas emissions –GHG- and globalContinue reading “Publication: The Main Drivers of Methane Emissions”

Publication: Evidence of Incubation

Kenyon Professor, Robert Mauck and Lisa (Harn) Elliott, ’09, have co-published an article titled “Evidence of Incubation Trade‐offs in Leach’s Storm‐Petrel (Oceanodroma leucorhoa) : Ptilochronology as a Measure of Reproductive Investment in a Long‐lived Seabird”. Much of the work was part of Lisa’s senior honors thesis at Kenyon College, and she has since recently finishedContinue reading “Publication: Evidence of Incubation”

Publication: Bubbling Away

Kenyon Associate Professor of Economics, Galina An, has recently published an article on real estate forecasting, titled “Bubbling Away: Forecasting Real Estate Prices, Rents, and Bubbles in a Transition Economy.” It can be found in the October 2020 issue of Comparative Economic Studies. Abstract Real housing prices have both surged and swooned in formerly socialistContinue reading “Publication: Bubbling Away”