Faculty Publication: Placental regulation

Arianna Smith, Assistant Professor Biology, has published the chapter, “Placental regulation of immune functions” in the book Reproductive Immunology with co-authors Paulomi Bole Aldo and Karen E. Racicot. Abstract The placenta is a highly specialized organ that serves as the primary interface between the maternal environment and the fetus. One important placental function is toContinue reading “Faculty Publication: Placental regulation”

Faculty Interview: How COVID-19 Can Affect Mental Health

Irene López, Kenyon Associate Professor of Psychology, was recently interviewed for Bustle magazine on issues related to COVID. The article, How Having COVID-19 can affect mental health is featured in the September 2020 issue and is available to read online.  “The thing about COVID is that it’s bringing to light all these racial disparities inContinue reading “Faculty Interview: How COVID-19 Can Affect Mental Health”

Faculty Publication: Nesting

English Department Professor, Ira Sukrungruang, has published his essay “Nesting” in the March issue of The Sun. He describes his obsession with his new feathered tenants as a means of coping during the pandemic. Excerpt “They come during the first week of quarantine, flitting from fence post to fence post, hovering around a decorative hollowContinue reading “Faculty Publication: Nesting”

Faculty Publication: The Original Meaning of the Yijing

Joseph Adler, Professor Emeritus of Asian Studies & Religious Studies, published a translation of Zhu Xi’s Commentary on the Scripture of Change, with Columbia University Press (2020). Publisher Description The Yijing (I Ching), or Scripture of Change, is traditionally considered the first and most profound of the Chinese classics. Originally a divination manual based onContinue reading “Faculty Publication: The Original Meaning of the Yijing”

Kenyon Faculty Member Awarded Two Fellowships

Patrick Bottiger, Associate Professor of History, has been awarded two fellowships to support a new book project, The Three Sisters Agricultural Revolution, that will span the 2021-2022 academic year and into the fall of 2022.  Professor Bottiger was awarded a full 9-month fellowship to conduct research at the Newberry collection in Chicago. The independent libraryContinue reading “Kenyon Faculty Member Awarded Two Fellowships”

Faculty Publication: Constitutionalism and Reciprocity

Fred Baumann, Professor of Political Science, has an essay published on The Constitutionalist, a blog edited by Kenyon Alum Benjamin Kleinerman, ‘97. The essay is based on a lecture he delivered to alums via Zoom in December 2020. “Reciprocity is inevitable whether in war or peace.” The essay, “Constitutionalism and Reciprocity” examines the polarization ofContinue reading “Faculty Publication: Constitutionalism and Reciprocity”

Faculty Publication: Diatoms in hyporheic sediments

Ruth Heindel, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, has published an article in Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences titled “Diatoms in hyporheic sediments trace organic matter retention and processing in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica.” Her co-authors includeJosh P. Darling,  Joel G. Singley,  Anna J. Bergstrom,  Diane M. McKnight, Braeden Lukkari,  Kathleen A. Welch, and MichaelContinue reading “Faculty Publication: Diatoms in hyporheic sediments”

Faculty Publication: Late Neanderthal short-term and specialized occupations

Bruce Hardy, Kenyon College Professor of Anthropology, along with several co-authors, has published the article “Late Neanderthal short-term and specialized occupations at the Abri du Maras (South-East France, level 4.1, MIS 3)” in Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences Issue 13(3) released February 2021.  The entire article is available for viewing online. Abstract Level 4.1 from theContinue reading “Faculty Publication: Late Neanderthal short-term and specialized occupations”

Faculty Publication: The Vanishing Point of World Literature

Travis Landry, Associate Professor of Spanish, has published the article “The Vanishing Point of World Literature” in the Journal of World Literature. The online version appeared on February 9, 2021 and the print issue is forthcoming.  Abstract In the field of world literature, questions about the temporal versus spatial nature of worlding persist. One reasonContinue reading “Faculty Publication: The Vanishing Point of World Literature”

Energy Globe Foundation Award

Congratulations to Robert Alexander, Professor of Economics & Environmental Studies, and James Skon, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, for winning an Energy Globe Foundation award for their Belize Solar Schools project. “What we do is work with the Belize Ministry of Education to identify schools that would benefit from the savings of having solarContinue reading “Energy Globe Foundation Award”