Faculty Award: KHN Residency

Orchid Tierney, Assistant Professor of English, has been awarded a KHN Residency from The Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts.  Each year the program awards up to seventy juried residencies to established and emerging visual artists, writers, composers, and interdisciplinary artists from across the country and around the world. 

All Our Names Are Kin: A Field to Speculative Plants is a full-length collection of science fiction prose poetry on imaginary flora and vegetation in the Midwest landscape three hundred years into the future. Engaging with historical and contemporary scholarship, botany-inspired poetry and philosophy, and creative criticism, the collection weaves citations with experimental lyricism to imagine a possible rural landscape during a settled period of post-climate change. The arc of the collection begins with our present moment of global warming and shifts to a distant future—which is excerpted in the sample—where strange trees, lichen, flowers, and boletes have enveloped cities and countrysides, and where humans have transfigured into plant-like occupants. Written from the perspective of the plants themselves, these poems speculate on their environment and histories, while engaging with biological scholarship on the intelligence and behaviours of flora, the nature of kinship between humankind and the environment, and modern philosophical writing on plants-as-persons and humans-as-plants.

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