Book Publication: Postcard Poems

Jeanne Griggs, Writing Center Director, has published a volume of poetry, Postcard Poems, published by Broadstone Books. She will be reading and signing her book outside of the Kenyon bookstore October 14th at 4:30 pm.

In days before selfies and social media, postcards were a ubiquitous feature of travel, providing both means of communication with friends and family while away, and souvenirs of journeys once back home. Even if not quite gone, they seem more than a little nostalgic now, as do many of the poems in Jeanne Griggs’ new collection, Postcard Poems.

Broadstone books

Praise for Jeanne Griggs & Postcard Poems

Sly as memory, Jeanne Griggs’ Postcard Poems are journeys in miniature. The poet issues an invitation to join in “casting aside our inhibitions / like layers of clothing, extraneous / in the bloodwarm Louisiana night.” Interlaken haunts, “its shadow a warning in the corner / of our midwestern American eyes.” Contrast Switzerland with downtown Akron, where a chess player shoulders “an open backpack full of cereal.” Postcard Poems is a collection of insight and delight.

—Sarah Sarai, author of That Strapless Bra in Heaven

Jeanne Griggs’ Postcard Poems is a clever twist on the ancient art of letter-writing, with each brief, graceful message a meditation on place, time, and travel. As Griggs moves from destination to destination, moment to moment, we begin to appreciate how lucky we are to live on this endlessly fascinating planet, and more importantly, how lucky we are to be able to connect with others across the miles. Sit down and become an armchair traveler, as this lovely book takes you from the beaches of Waikiki to the vales of Lauterbrunnen, and beyond.

—Eric D. Lehman, author of 9 Lupine Road & New England Nature

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