Grant Awarded to Kenyon CIP

CIP was awarded $5000 by the The Five Colleges of Ohio Collaborative Grants Committee to support the second annual “What Works” Teaching and Learning Conference (June 2022) for sharing and celebrating good teaching practices. The funds will pay for keynote speakers and live captioning for the event. The CFP is intended to be announced in December.

The proposal was submitted by a team from both Kenyon and Ohio Wesleyan:  

Joe Murphy, Director of the Center for Innovative Pedagogy, Kenyon College
Alex Alderman, Instructional Designer, Kenyon College
Jennifer Garrette Lisy, Assistant Professor of Education, Ohio Wesleyan University
Michele Nobel, Assistant Professor of Education and Director, Special Education Program, Ohio Wesleyan University

Many teaching and learning conferences target larger institutions, which leaves small, private schools like the Five Colleges of Ohio with fewer “take home” strategies after attendance. We believe that an annual teaching and learning conference that focuses on our kinds of institutions can be an important contribution to the Five Colleges of Ohio and the broader liberal arts community, such as the Great Lakes Colleges Association. We have chosen to keep the What Works conference as an online event, because we are excited to have the ability to network with our colleagues without spending hours of travel time and the attendant travel costs and carbon emissions.

Joe Murphy, Director of the Center for Innovative Pedagogy

Presentations from the first conference can be seen on YouTube.

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