Faculty Award: Baltic Writing Residency

Orchid Tierney, Assistant Professor of English, has been awarded a residency to The Bernheim Writers in Residence Program presented by Action, Spectacle in partnership with the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest.

During this residency, she intends to finish her next hybrid collection—a poet’s novel—with a working title, blue doors. An early excerpt from this collection was published as a works-in-progress chapbook, also titled blue doors, although the shape of the poet’s novel has progressed considerably and differently since its earlier form. blue doors blends theory and ecological thought to interrogate the more-than-human world and its cultural imaginaries in literature since the nineteenth century. The novel incorporates archival materials (mostly historical novels, biographies, and newspapers) from Philadelphia and throughout Ohio, to apprehend the local specificities of our animal-plant-human entanglements. Underlying this project is the problematic binary of animal/plant ’uselessness’ and ‘usefulness’ and its intersection with land use, farming, husbandry, and human-animal lifeforms.

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