Kenyon Faculty Awarded ACLS Fellowship

Congratulations to Joy Brennan, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, for receiving a Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Research Fellowship in Buddhist Studies with support from ACLS.


The proposed book offers a new account of central doctrines of the early Yogācāra school by situating them within a medical-therapeutic model analogous to that of the four noble truths. While most contemporary scholarship takes the mind-only claim as primarily about the relationship between either mind and matter or mind and world, this book shows that it should be understood primarily as a diagnosis, or a description of the condition that afflicts living beings, parallel to the traditional diagnosis of suffering. The book also situates the theories of the three natures, the storehouse consciousness and the concept of no-mind into this therapeutic model. Finally, the project engages with contemporary philosophical concerns by using this new interpretation of early Yogācāra to both critique recent efforts to naturalize Buddhist philosophy and engage questions of agency and responsibility given the diagnosis of mind only. 

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