Kenyon Faculty Awarded Fellowship

Congratulations to Frankie Gourrier, Assistant Professor of American Studies and History, for receiving a Woodrow Wilson Foundation Career Enhancement Fellowship from the Institute for Citizens and Scholars.

The Career Enhancement Fellowship seeks to increase the presence of underrepresented junior and other faculty members in the humanities, social sciences, and arts by creating career development opportunities for selected Fellows with promising research projects. Selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants, this year’s Fellows represent unique perspectives within their disciplines and are committed to increasing diversity and inclusion on campus through service and research.

Frances M. Hannan
C&S Communications

Professor Gourrier will be working on his book manuscript, tentatively titled For Me and My House: Gender and Family Politics of the Civil Rights Movement. This project examines the broader significance of kinship forces that aided civil rights activists and shaped their political goals. When civil rights leaders made commitments to the movement, they often had families to consider. In fact, many relatives suffered physical, emotional, and economic retaliation for a family member’s movement activity. Husbands lost their jobs when their spouses led voter registration drives. Parents waited in fear for updates when their children participated in events like the Freedom Rides and Freedom Summer. These examples illustrate black families’ collective investment in the civil rights movement. How families navigated those struggles is the subject of this research.

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