Faculty Honor: Staging Trio A

Professor of Dance Julie Brodie‘s staging of the famous postmodern piece, Trio A, has been selected for performance at the OhioDance Professional Choreographic Virtual Concert on May 1st at 7:00pm. A collaborative research project with her departmental colleagues, Professor Balinda Craig-Quijada and Assistant Professor Kora Radella, Brodie recreated the dance from its Labanotation score. Its staging was then coached by two “transmitters,” or coaches, including Kenyon Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Elliot Mercer, who were entrusted with maintaining the quality of the piece.

three dancers on dark stage in various movements

The project provides an opportunity to share this historic piece with Ohio audiences, while also producing evidence about how stagings from scores differ from stagings based on embodied memory.

dancer in green long sleeved shirt and black pants looking up to ceiling

Yvonne Rainer’s Trio A was initially presented as The Mind is a Muscle, Part 1 at Judson Church in 1966. The dance has been widely performed ever since, assuming myriad forms. Trio A is considered a seminal postmodern work, breaking from the traditional organization of dance choreography. It presents a series of uninterrupted, unpredictable actions performed with a “task-oriented” aesthetic. Dramatic gestures, virtuosity and audience interaction are replaced with banal movement and a sense of detachment.

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