Planned Expansion for NSF

A recent article in Science  detailed the possible $50 billion budget increase for the National Science Foundation as part of President Biden’s $2.3 trillion proposal for improving our nation’s aging infrastructure.  

President Joe Biden wants to bolster the National Science Foundation as part of his massive infrastructure plan,
which he outlined last week in Pittsburgh. JIM WATSON/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

This investment includes $35 billion towards combatting climate change, as well as to create an additional agency, the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Climate (ARPA-C) for commercializing favorable technologies. This arrangement also boasts a $40 billion enhancement to the nation’s federal and academic research facilities, with one-half of the funds going to historically Black colleges and Universities.

The plan, Biden said, represents “the biggest increase in our federal non defense research and development spending on record.”

Jeffrey Mervis, Science Mag

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