Faculty Publication: Tidal-Lingualism

Orchid Tierney, Assistant Professor in English, has published a piece with Annulet: A Journal of Poetics in its biannual publication titled “Tidal-Lingualism: On Craig Santos Perez’s “from tidelands.”” It can be read in its entirety online.


Don Mee Choi proposes that “translation is a map, a mode that can trigger endless crossings from one party to another.” [1] The anti-neocolonial mode of her translations are actions of legibility against the imperial deformations—that is military, settler, or economic colonialism—embedded in the English and Korean languages. The “endless crossings” invoke arrivals and departures. Comings and goings. Encounters and re-encounters with different platforms of foreign and domestic power. Her claim here makes me wonder if we—as readers—can ever ethically settle inside translated literature or whether the possibilities of translation require a floating to some approximation of understanding.

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