Publication: Pride: A meta-analytic project

Leah Dickens, Kenyon Assistant Professor of Psychology, co-published with Richard W. Robbins (UC Davis), an article titled “Pride: A meta-analytic project”. It can be found in the November 2020 issue of Emotion.


Pride is a complex construct, at times conceptualized positively (as a positive emotional reaction to a personal success) and at other times defined negatively (as exhibiting arrogant or conceited feelings and beliefs). Based on this dichotomy, Tracy and Robins (2007) proposed that pride consists of two facets: authentic pride (AP) and hubristic pride (HP). For over a decade, researchers have used this two-facet model to investigate similarities and differences between AP and HP. The current work aims to synthesize this body of research by presenting findings from a meta-analysis of the association between AP and HP and a wide range of personality characteristics, mental health outcomes, social status constructs, and attributional tendencies. Comprised of 94 independent samples (N = 64,698) of predominantly North American adults, meta-analyses (both unweighted and weighted random effects models) were conducted for the relationship between AP and HP, and for each outcome variable separately, resulting in 103 total analyses (ks = 2-93). This project provides strong evidence that AP and HP are empirically distinct constructs (meta-analytic r = .13) that often align in opposite ways with personality and related variables, with AP exhibiting associations that suggest better psychological health than HP. (PsycInfo Database Record (c) 2020 APA, all rights reserved).

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